We are a family business crafting beautiful sentimental products as gifts or keepsakes. It started as a hobby for loving woodwork and the joy of creating. Our “picture” product inspired us to create a business based on the feedback we have received after creating them for our family. It started with a picture of our 3 beautiful children that we wanted to last forever. After a lot of trial and error the picture was permanently carved in a small sheet of maple. The result was beautiful and it is hard to put into words seeing your most loved ones presented this way. The carving makes the picture alive given that it becomes 3 dimensional. After it goes through the finishing process it can last forever being resistant to age, water, weather etc. After seeing the result we had many requests for personalized pictures. After seeing how much people love them and just producing them we realized we wanted to share this with everyone.
Endearing Sentiments is about spreading and sharing that kind of indescribable love and warmth that we experience in our lives – moments, people, feelings; captured and preserved.