Customized Wood Picture



Well what I can say for certain is my wife and I love these, truly an amazing way to memorialize a moment in life. It goes beyond just a picture into something meaningful and truly unique. They even engraved a quote from my wedding song on the photo I gave them which made my wife particularly happy, she keeps that one on her night stand so it’s one of the first things she sees most days. The other one I keep in my office, for some reason it feels so much more alive than a typical photo, maybe that’s the wood or maybe it’s the texture but whatever it is, I love it.

Honestly you can’t go wrong, the quality of the work is phenomenal, and what they offer is an amazing gift to memorialize any occasion.

Brock Neilon, a very happy early customer!

I absolutely love my piece.  The craftsmanship is outstanding.  The
love and kindness in the kindness in the kids' faces shines through on my piece.  I'll definitely be ordering more.

Allison M.

What a beautiful piece of art. Thank you very much. We love it.

Yeiko Cortez

Thank you Endearing Sentiments for my wood carving of my 3 grand kids. I love it! You captured their essence beautifully. I was surprised at the level of detail. Previously I had purchased a laser wood cut for much more $$$ but it didn't have the quality I wanted. This one is sturdy and well made with cool options for displaying it. I got lots of compliments. Will order again!

Jacqueline A.